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Romp n Roll

Treat Your Kids And Yourself To A Night Out!

Every kid deserves a special night out—and so do you! That’s why we created Kid’s Night Out. Parents get an evening to themselves while the children get to run, play, dance, and create their own masterpieces with our energetic instructors. The evening also includes a pizza party dinner and ends with our famous bubble dance party. A perfect evening, indeed.

Drop off your child at Romp n’ Roll for Kid’s Night Out and enjoy your evening, knowing that our team will make sure your little one has a great time! Ages 2 through 5. Children do not need to be potty-trained.


Parent’s Morning Out

Bring the Kids to Our Gym
Parent’s Morning Out is a three-hour drop off program each week for busy moms and dads to grocery shop, workout, or relax with a cup of coffee and friends. While you’re out getting your errands done, the kids will have a blast creating fun art projects, playing instruments, doing parachute activities, singing songs, and dancing—and who knows what else Rompy has in store for them? They’ll play and socialize without realizing they’re also learning and growing!

Parent’s Morning Out runs each week, but there’s no need to enroll or make a commitment to come to every session. Simply give us a call at least one day in advance to ensure that we have an open spot for your child. Then drop off your little one and go about your business with the peace of mind that we’re nurturing their inner genius and unleashing their inner goofball.

Every Wednesday 9am-12pm!


Classes for Kids
We’re a Kids Gym & So Much More
At Romp n’ Roll, we offer play-based classes for kids ages 3 months through 5 years. We’ve developed our curriculum based on extensive research, not to mention our own experience, which shows that children effectively learn and grow from playing and socializing. Our kids gyms not only focuses on physical activity but also offers art and music classes.

We have developed classes specifically for each age group

Babies - Your baby’s first class at Romp n’ Roll will be filled with fun and learning for both of you! Through fun stories, songs, and activities, you’ll spend one-on-one time connecting with your baby and encouraging them to reach important developmental milestones.

One-Year-Olds - At this age, kids are adventurous learners, crawling, climbing, and walking wherever they can! They are fascinated by how things work and eagerly apply their skills in new and different ways. Our classes will encourage them to explore the world around them.

Two-Year-Olds - These toddlers are amazingly active learners! They advance in leaps and bounds, and their imagination explodes. Romp n’ Roll instructors will inspire your little learners to push the boundaries of their abilities and imaginations.·        

Three-to Five-Year-Olds - Kids in this age range are enthusiastic learners, using their ever-advancing skills to absorb huge amounts of information from the activities that fascinate them. Give these budding intellectuals the ability to grow with classes designed specifically for them

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·         Classes for Babies

·         Classes for One Year Olds

·         Classes for Two Year Olds

·         Classes for Three to Five Year Olds

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The Kids Gym that Parents & Kids Both Love!

Why Romp n' Roll?

·        Our bright, whimsical facilities were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. An abundance of colorful vinyl foam in the design makes things comfortable and easy to clean. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment.

·         Social Interaction Little - ones can socialize with other children and learn valuable life skills from each other. Our play game caters to kids from 3 months through 5 years and our classes sort them into age-specific groups, giving them the peer-to-peer interaction that’s so vital to their growth.

·         Growth & Development - Our play-based curriculum was developed from extensive research and our own experiences. Our developmentally appropriate movement, music, and art classes and activities build physical and cognitive skills during these important formative years—but all kids know is that they’re having fun!

·         Parent-Child Connection -Based on our research, we discovered that little ones progress most effectively when they’re in the presence of parents and loved ones who express excitement and pride for their achievements. Our classes are parent-friendly, so they can take part in positive, shared fun with their child.

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